Idiots Telling Their Citizens NOT To Protect Themselves

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 3:35 PM

There is a rash of break-ins taking place in Thames, in New Zealand. New Zealand already makes it very difficult for people to defend themselves. For instance, although pepper spray is available to be purchased online, it is a restricted weapon and it is an offense to import or possess such weapon.


But, what stood out to me is the advice that its better to NOT defend yourself.


When people asked about what they could do to protect themselves, Sergeant Jared Thompson of Thames police said, “this is not advisable as any weapon lying around the home has the potential to be used by an intruder against the homeowner”.


“The presence of any weapon inherently causes the escalation of any violent confrontation.”


In other words, don’t try to protect yourself. Rely on us. We will protect you. YEAH, RIGHT!


Another post from Cathie Williams read, “I will bash the little bastards if they hit my house or any of my family” while Kaye Manning wrote, “I do not and will not go to bed armed with a pencil and paper.”


But lobby group Grey Power, a senior lobby group, has warned against people, especially the elderly, taking matters into their own hands.


“If someone does break in when you are home, if you come across someone in the middle of robbing your home, keep calm and remember they are a lot younger, fitter and stronger than you are,” Grey Power board member Violet McCowatt said. “You must never, ever try and fight back.”


In my opinion, this is another attempt to get people to rely on Big Brother rather than protecting themselves. Every group and government has to justify their existence. The government, here, there and everywhere, is doing their best to get you to rely on them. But, this is a fools gambit. You cannot rely on any group or government to protect you. Only you are responsible for you and your family’s defense and security. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and them. Its your duty and the government be damned!

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